As a benefits director at the Williams agencies, you will be responsible for following up with those members requesting information on the benefit packages we offer. There is never any cold-calling or prospecting and all of these exclusive, third party endorsed leads are provided at NO COST you.

As a benefit director, your income potential is unlimited, and you control your work schedule!  The only limitations on your career are the ones you place on yourself. You have the potential to earn from $50,000 up to $75,000+ in your first year. The Williams agencies provides training and sales tools to help our benefits directors be successful.

Still have questions?  We’re here to help!

Benefits Director Frequently Asked Questions

What can a Benefits Director at the Williams Agencies expect to earn in the first year of the position?

Our Benefits Directors earn $50,000 – $75,000 on average their first year.

How does a new Benefits Director acquire their clients?

The greatest part about being a Benefits Director at the Williams Agencies is that there is no-cold calling, prospecting of friends and family ever.  We provide exclusive, 3rd party endorsed leads to all of Benefits Directors.

Are there any incentives for being a Benefits Director at Williams Agencies?

After 90 days, health insurance reimbursement and life insurance provided. Enjoy Annual conventions to exotic locations and more importantly, vested, life time retirement.

American Income Life Frequently Asked Questions

Will AIL really show me the money?

AIL offers one of the most lucrative compensation packages available in the life insurance market. Insurance sales is the only sales career where you will earn residual income with our Renewal System.

How would you like to be paid over and over again, year after year for selling a product?

How does the Renewal System work?

Every time you make a sale, or as a Manager, one of your Producers makes a sale, a percentage of the premium paid on the policy each month is credited to you. After you make the initial sale, you will receive this renewal, based on the vesting provisions of the contract, month in and month out as long as the policyholder continues to pay their premium. With every sale your monthly renewals will increase!

Only at American Income, will you find a lifetime vested renewal system that begins from your very first sale, providing you and your family financial security for many years to come!

If you’re tired of doing more work but getting paid the same as the underperformers, we need to talk. At American Income Life, you get paid based on your performance, not what someone else thinks you’re worth.

Can I find a purposeful career in insurance sales?

Most people like helping others. With an AIL sales career, you will help protect the lives of hardworking people. Our affordable supplemental life insurance can mean the difference of someone losing or keeping their home, having enough money to bury a loved one who passed away unexpectedly, or sending the first person in their family to college. The first time you deliver a claim check, it will click that you have found a truly rewarding career.

What are the advancement opportunities with American Income Life?

Cliché but true… The sky is the limit! Opportunity Unlimited is what you will find in an American Income Life insurance career. Our President and CEO started as an Agent. You can go as far as you want to go with American Income Life as long as you are willing to do the work.

No sales experience? No insurance experience? No problem!

Passionate. Competitive. Motivated. Dependable. Hardworking. Adaptable. Flexible. Trainable. If these adjectives describe you, the perfect sales career awaits. At American Income Life you will find people of all backgrounds and levels of education. Business professionals, high school graduates, stay-at-home moms, professional athletes. American Income Life Local Offices provide training and sales tools to help you be successful.